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Episode 54 – March 1st Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 21:57 – I’m listening to the message and thinking, but what of those that use the Bible and twist it to their own agenda? I know they think they are doing right. Ever since I heard that Hitler used biblical reference to justify his actions, that has bothered me.
  2. @ 27:12 – So, I listened to your answer (thank you), but it seems like you’re saying that in order to tell if a biblical command still applies today, we need to do an in depth study of the contextual culture in which it was given. There’s no like, rule of thumb for these types of things? How we can tell through scripture whether a command still applies today? And if you can’t just use the Bible alone to determine these types of questions, where do you start on doing the outside research?
  3. @ 32:20 – My son identifies himself as a boy however he enjoys wearing dresses. Are you saying he is an abomination?
  4. @ 56:17 – What if a law is wrong? Is it ok to not follow the law if it is not correct?
  5. @ 59:20 – In the message last Sunday, did you say that there is no rapture?
  6. @ 1:03:58 – God shows us how to judge righteously by pointing out three criteria: show no partiality, don’t ignore the small person, and don’t be intimidated by the powerful. Why do you think God had to point out these three traits of righteous judgement?

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