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Episode 53 – February 23rd Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 24:20 – What is the difference between mercy and grace?
  2. @ 28:02 – Why doesn’t our church teach that women should wear head coverings while praying? And if women aren’t supposed to wear men’s clothes and men aren’t supposed to wear women’s, why does our church allow women to wear pants? And if it’s ok for women to wear pants, does that mean it’s ok for men to wear dresses? Is it just about the intent of the heart? How can we tell the difference between a cultural teaching in the Bible and something we should still adhere to today? Scripture references 1 Cor 11:5 & Deut 22:5.
  3. @ 34:43 – When I read Matthew 15:24 it draws me up short. If God is unchanging then how did it come to be that He changed His mind? And why would He try to turn the woman away at first if He is merciful?
  4. @ 41:00 – How is my wife supposed to relate to an acquaintance who claims to be a Christian and saved and has gone thru a divorce for personal reasons and seems to think it’s not that big a deal? How can she be loving as well as pointing this out?
  5. @ 48:03 – Since we humans are imperfect, and our judgements therefore also imperfect, how should a judge presiding over a trial address the issue of grace? Is it possible to even consider grace in a legal proceeding without also imperfectly applying it? In our personal affairs, we tend to not forgive unless we feel the offender is remorseful and asks for forgiveness, otherwise no way. How do we balance judgement and grace in our daily lives?

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