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Episode 52 – February 16th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 17:09 – I’ve heard bible commentary (most recently from Spurgeon) who says our feelings aren’t important. I was on fire for Jesus when I was first saved. Lately, I’ve felt nothing, but still go through the motions, hoping those feelings will come back and feeling full of shame. How do belief (ie. believing in our hearts ) and feelings intersect?
  2. @ 28:11 – Is it OK for Christians to dance?
  3. @ 31:33 – The bible clearly condemns homosexuality, Old and New testament. However, some who practice religion feel their lifestyle is ok and feel God will accept this and they will enter into eternal life.
  4. @ 36:52 – Did Jesus go to hell and there He defeated satan? Also, what did Jesus do for the 3 days before He was resurrected?
  5. @ 40:39 – Why does our Church not have members? Other Churches I attended we did have members. That way we were able to express and vote on various issues.
  6. @ 46:39 – Deuteronomy 1 gives us a guideline for selecting leaders, how do we support leadership that doesn’t fit those guidelines. It seems this president isn’t necessarily a godly man but does support some biblical values.
  7. @ 57:10 – Last night on Christian Tv Pastor Joseph Prince discussed taking communion. He said that we should take communion on a daily basis at our homes or how many times you want to using whatever elements we want to. He also said that there will be healings for you if you do this. And he gave specific examples of people being healed this way. Your comments please.
  8. @ 1:03:17 – Pastor Miles mentioned the Crown Of Life. Will all Believers get one OR is there certain criteria in suffering one has to meet?
  9. @ 1:05:18 – I’ve been worrying about money lately, so much so that it’s impacting my relationship with God. And I’m constantly worrying about all the other “cares of this world.” If Matthew 13:12 talks about the cares of this world choked out the work of God’s word in the lives of some, am I in danger of losing my security and salvation?

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