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Episode 51 – February 9th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 20:29 – How do I know what counsel is the best when I am hearing very different things from people I trust?
  2. @ 28:50 – The “son of man” is referred to in the Bible over and over. I was just reading Matthew 12:32. Who is the son of man referred to there, in Ezekiel, etc?
  3. @ 32:37 – There is a lot of talk in the Bible about the sabbath, keeping it holy. I’ve heard Rick Warren say we need to still keep the sabbath (paraphrased) but have never it said at our church. Why or why not should we “keep the sabbath”. If we should, what does that look like?
  4. @ 40:23 – What do you think of pastors on the Christian TV stations are Into deciphering codes in the Bible? Like numbers for prophecies.
  5. @ 48:16 – What does it mean that Jesus is “seated at the right hand of the Father”. Not being funny but it sounds like He doesn’t move from that position.
  6. @ 50:30 – Would this be a right thing to say. Pastor Ed Young said. “We are as righteous as God.”
  7. @ 53:02 – Matthew 12:36 says that we will have to give an account for every careless word we say. I’ve read in other versions that “careless” can be translated as “idle”. J Vernon McGee says that it can translated as”blasphemy”. I’m not sure whether this is about all the thoughtless and careless things we say to people or if it means turning away from God. I worry that I’m going to be held accountable for every time I trusted in the wrong things and people rather than trusting in Him OR every time I said something thoughtless. Can you help me to understand this?
  8. 1:01:30 – Please SIMPLY what is the beliefs of the Calvary Chapel Global Network as compared to Calvary Chapel Association.? Why did Pastor Guzik leave the Association?

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