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Episode 50 – February 2nd Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 23:56 – What is the biblical purpose of the church? I’ve heard 2 contrasting mindsets: 1)”church is a hospital for sinners, not a museum of saints” versus a different mindset, 2) “church is the gathering of wheat, not the tares” or other similar analogies e.g. the church is Christ’s “bride”. Which mindset is correct?
  2. @ 28:32 – Leviticus 19:28 tells us not to cut our skin or have tattoos. But at Cross Connection and other churches some have tattoos. Is this ok? Or are these members disobeying the word of God.
  3. @ 35:48 – How do you discern between God’s purpose for you and your own bucket list?
  4. @ 43:21 – If I am a single woman, be it unmarried, widowed, or divorced- can I also look to Isaiah 54 for the comfort that the Lord, Himself is my husband? Or is it speaking ONLY to Israel?
  5. @ 45:34 – Why and when did humans stop living as long as people did in Moses’ day?
  6. @ 50:43 – The passage read from in Hebrews 3 on Sunday seems to say you could lose your salvation, if you harden your heart. Is that the right way to read that?
  7. @ 51:45 – You mentioned Chuck Smith and Calvary Chapel. Do you know about the split in Calvary Chapel, and what do you think about it.
  8. @ 56:15 – Is it ok to listen to non-Christian music, like U2, which you talked about listening to on Sunday?

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