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Episode 45 – December 29th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 18:10 – Concerned about the programming on Netflix you mentioned on the last podcast. Thinking of canceling my subscription- I don’t watch a lot of tv, but is it better to cancel and let Netflix know why???
  2. @ 26:27 – Why do some people lift their hands during worship?
  3. @ 31:59 – Was Moses wrong to veil his face?
  4. @ 36:43 – How did we become a Baptist Church? In what way is it different from what we were before?
  5. @ 44:14 – My previous church did a prophecy update at the end of each year. Does this church believe in Bible prophecy? If so, why no updates?
  6. @ 52:00 – If we are transformed into the image of Christ, what does that actually look like?
  7. @ 55:22 – What confuses me is that when someone dies, the pastor will generally say that he/she is now with God. However, when I read the bible, it says that you go to sleep until the coming of Christ. He will call the dead to rise up and meet Him. Can you clarify this so that I can have a better understanding.
  8. @ 1:01:26 – Pastor Garrett said that God made us exactly the way we are, knowing the way you were going to be from conception. Does that mean that God makes people gay? Does he create us sinful?
  9. @ 1:06:18 – Is fasting important and necessary?

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