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Episode 46 – January 5th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 9:09 – Do you think climate change is real? Is it “manmade?”
  2. @ 15:51 – Do you think the stuff happening in Iran is connected to Bible end times prophecy, like in Ezekiel and Revelation?
  3. @ 18:15 – If humanity began literally with Adam and Eve, and they had children, wouldn’t have there been incestuous relationships to grow the population?
  4. @ 20:29 – Is there no longer “choice” when we get to heaven like there was for Adam and Eve when they were initially created?
  5. @ 24:15 – How long do you think Adam and Eve were in the garden before they ate of the tree?
  6. @ 24:49 – I’m in some need of spiritual minty freshness. In my daily bible reading I’ve been going through Revelation, and honestly? I’ve found it deeply disturbing. 1. How are we sure they aren’t talking about the crazy world we live in now OR 2. Why would we want unbelievers that we love and care about to go through all that? When I hear people say they want Jesus to come right now I want to say Nooo wait, I want to give some people some extra time. Am I looking at this all wrong? Is what I really need actually some cold blooded love?
  7. @ 31:55 – In Genesis several times the scriptures speak of God saying “we” did, made, etc. I interpret this to reflect the triune of The God-head. John 1 declares that Jesus is the Word and was with God before creation. The Holy Spirit being the third we? Is this a reasonable interpretation?
  8. @ 33:10 –  Question on 2 Corinthians 2:12-14. Paul went to Troas and found the place to be ripe for preaching the Gospel. There was an open door. But he was worried about the Corinthians because Titus had not come to Troas to give him a report. So Paul left the mission field God prepared and went to Macedonia to find Titus. Is this ok to leave God’s work to satisfy human emotion?

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