Episode 44 – December 15th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 22:10 – The white stone in Revelation about a name does that mean we will be getting a new name when we get to Heaven? Some commentators say we will and others say that is not what it means.
  2. @ 26:45 – Are Christmas trees a pagan practice?
  3. @ 29:56 – Does God love everyone? How does a loving God let sin and evil enter the world?
  4. @ 32:37 – How important is eros love in a marriage relationship?
  5. @ 41:08 – What do you think of the five love languages and do they reconcile with scriptures?
  6. @ 46:14 – What does it mean that love does not delight in evil but rejoices in the truth (1 Cor. 13:6).
  7. @ 48:07 – Is every act of procreation an expression of love or just within the marriage covenant?
  8. @ 51:19 – What is advent and should we practice it?
  9. @ 54:44 – Is it bad to teach your kids that there is a Santa? Is it a lie?

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