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Episode 41 – November 24th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 23:43 – Would Job not have been restored and rewarded if he didn’t pray for his friends?
  2. @ 28:09 – What is the difference in language that makes people say Rev. 2:10 is not literal days, but Genesis is literal days?
  3. @ 32:46 – What about Job’s wife?(curse God and die) did she bear Job 10 more children?
  4. @ 35:10 – After we finish reading the book of Job, what’s the next book we should read through?
  5. @ 38:14 – How can I find a way to share the gospel with family when they are at our house for the holidays?
  6. @ 44:02 – How can I practically increase in patience? I know that frustrating things in life can be used to help grow in patience, but how can I practically grow in patience and not just grow in frustration?
  7. @ 53:42 – How does one come out of suffering growing closer to the Lord and not bitter?

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