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Episode 40 – November 17th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 16:55 – Where does the Bible mention other cities being destroyed, besides Sodom & Gomorrah.
  2. @ 21:08 – Pastor Miles mentioned Karma as similar to the principle of sowing and reaping. Are they they same?
  3. @ 26:19 – You mentioned in service that God cares and is working behind the scenes when John the Baptist and Jesus were suffering and died. How so for John the Baptist?
  4. @ 36:43 – In the message you said that Job’s friends believed that God is just, and that the world works according to His justice. Were they wrong? Isn’t God just?
  5. @ 41:03 – Isn’t it true that Job’s friends said some things that were true? In the passage you read in Job 11, his friend said that Job deserved worse. Isn’t it kind of true that we deserve much worse, because of our sin?

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