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Episode 39 – November 10th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 11:01 – What is your favorite book in the Bible and why?
  2. @ 15:26 –  In chapter 3, Job is questioning why he was born. He seems to be questing God because God controls all things including birth. So it seems that righteousness is not measured by questioning Gods allowance of suffering in our lives?
  3. @ 17:51 –  You taught that Job was suicidal. I cannot see Job having suicidal thoughts. I do however see him longing to leave his situation via death. He expresses this desire through submission in prayer to the Omnipotent God, by asking God to kill him. His imagination of ‘IF’ he were never born can’t be seen as “suicidal” thoughts.” All of this seems to me to be Job submitting to God his desire to be done with life. True, he obviously has the wrong existential understanding. He is betraying his wrong understanding by asking to leave this life because of all the loss he’s experienced. I know God’s word says, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he” so Job is definitely heading down the wrong road and it may not be long before he does take action toward his own demise or even dwell on thoughts of how he might accomplish such , but in the text I do not see him having suicidal thoughts. So, why do you say you are sure that this passage is saying Job had suicidal thoughts?
  4. @ 27:00 –  What are some practical things to do to keep up hope while you’re going through a dark season like Job? How do you keep your eyes on the hope in the future when things get so overwhelming now?
  5. @ 34:20 –  What are some of the warning signs that might warrant needing to ask if someone is suicidal or self harming?
  6. @ 38:42 –  Is suicide a sin?” Do you go to hell if you commit suicide?
  7. @ 42:53 –  John 20:22 and Acts 1:4-5 in reference to being filled with the Holy Spirit. Is Jesus breathing into them the Holy Spirit different than the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

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