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Episode 38 – November 3rd Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 12:40 – Is having true compassion for others a gift from God?
  2. @ 20:34 – Did Satan try to intervene and use Jobs friend to make him forsake God?
  3. @ 23:38 – Listening to the service today and I didn’t totally agree with the definition of empathy. I feel the gift of empathy was put down too much. I think empathy is a wonderful gift that allows us to understand others in suffering. Empathy is a higher step to sympathy. As I understand the whole world uses sympathy, thinking that is enough to understand how people are feeling. Why do you think sympathy is better than empathy?
  4. @ 30:18 – You talked about sympathy in the message. What if your problem is apathy?
  5. @ 34:33 – In the message you said that it is best, when helping someone that is suffering, to “say nothing.” But what if you are asked a direct question about suffering from someone who is suffering? What if they are saying things about God that are false? How should you respond?
  6. @ 37:59 – I heard someone say that Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship? What on earth does that mean?
  7. @ 41:03 – What books do you recommend on the topic of suffering and pain?

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