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Episode 36 – October 20th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 9:51 – What are some verses or passages that would be good to study or meditate on as I spend time with the Lord privately?
  2. @ 18:07 – Do you practice any form of sabbath? How?
  3. @ 25:39 – Jacob clearly lived Joseph more, Is favoritism bad in families?
  4. @ 28:56 – Do you think Joseph was being malicious/divisive when he told on his brothers/told them his dreams?
  5. @ 31:51 – Does God divinely allow famines to bring people/the nations back to him?
  6. @ 36:07 – What do pastors do when they’re struggling with sin? How do they know when it’s time to step down from ministry to deal with it? Or what should they do?
  7. @ 46:04 – Are they’re other places in the Bible where Satan is not the devil, but rather a messenger of God to test His servant’s motivations? And, how do you decipher if it is Satan or one of God’s servants while reading the Bible?
  8. @ 52:43 – Wouldn’t God already know if Job is faithful to him because God is omniscient?
  9. @ 56:52 – Why does God need a messenger “The Satan” to help him? Why would God call his advisor “The Satan”?
  10. @ 57:04 – What does “Satan” mean?
  11. @ 59:10 – Are the Believers in heaven praying for us on earth?
  12. @ 1:01:14 – On Sunday’s message … scripture says so many “Female Donkeys.” why would that be significant to mention the gender of the donkeys?

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