Episode 35 – October 13th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 23:56 – Does God hide things from the Devil?
  2. @ 26:10 – Are we supposed to judge the church by the people?
  3. @ 28:18 – If you hit a wall and you’re stuck. How do you get unstuck?
  4. @ 32:36 – Mark mentioned that we have traditions. What are our traditions at Cross Connection Church
  5. @ 38:03 – What are ways I can practically be eternally minded every day?
  6. @ 42:49 – Can you be too eternally/heavenly minded that you are of no earthly good?
  7. @ 45:29 – There is a lot more talk recently about UFOs. Are they real? If so, are they from other planets or other dimensions? How should a Christian think about these?
  8. @ 50:37 – Can you explain the basic flow of church history? From Jesus, to the Catholics, orthodox and the Protestants?

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