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Episode 34 – September 29th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 18:09 – I just looked up Redemptive Suffering. Besides Catholics do any other religions believe it? It says it can repair our own soul and others.
  2. @ 25:15– My question about the barrenness of the OT females do you think God is purposely keeping some Believing women childless today so they will get closer to Him?
  3. @ 31:10 – I was just listening to Isaiah: God tells Israel that their name is written on the palm of his hand, but I hear Christians use that in reference to us as individuals, as the church, etc, but does it only apply to Israel?
  4. @ 38:21 – How can you mend a bad reputation?
  5. @ 42:31 – If animals have no soul, why are they so cruel to one another? Do animals go to heaven?

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