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Episode 25 – July 28th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 10:21 – To who has it be given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God? (Mark 4:11)?
  2. @ 12:41 – I’m reading through Matthew and had a question. at the end of Mathew 19 it says “but many who are first will be last and the last first.” and the end of the first passage of Mathew 20, it says “so the last be first, and the first last.” does this have my more significance than corroborating each other? does this mean anything to us today?
  3. @ 18:30 – Do we believe in conditional salvation?
  4. @ 24:28 – Why do we experience suffering. Can’t God just take it away?
  5. @ 31:53 – Is it important for us to have a “life verse?” And, do we always need “confirmation” in the Bible before making a decision?
  6. @ 42:17 – Garrett Said, “Jesus used Parables to reveal truth and to conceal truth,” Why would Jesus conceal truth? Doesn’t He want us to know the truth, and have it set us free?”
  7. @ 46:02 – How do I make sure that my heart is like the fruitful soil, and not the other three?
  8. @ 48:54 – I try and try, but my heart is just bad sometimes. Will it ever stop?
  9. @ 52:18 – What is God’s purpose, or goal, for Christians?
  10. @ 56:08 – I have been reading ll Samuel. I know David sinned and God forgave him. I am troubled in that I don’t understand how his children being killed and other misfortunes (Tamar) are consequences of his sin. It seems like he was being punished even though forgiven. I’m sure I am missing something.

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