Episode 23 – July 14th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 15:53 – Why does God “test” people when he is all-knowing?
  2. @ 21:38 – Can you explain what John means when talking about children of the Devil? Where else is this talked about in scripture?
  3. @ 23:47 – What does it mean for our hearts to condemn us? Does condemnation only/primarily come from the heart?
  4. @ 28:48 – Is it always a sin to hate?
  5. @ 31:29 – How should I respond when confronted with the reality of my own failures as a Christian?
  6. @ 34:10 – Why did you have to spoil Toy Story 4 for me?
  7. @ 36:47 –  John talks about seeing others in need, and shutting up your heart from them (I guess by not giving) … should I give to every homeless person in need?
  8. @ 42:19 – How can I give if I don’t have much to give?
  9. @ 48:54 – If someone claims to be a Christian but is self-centered and not loving others would their heart condemn them of this?

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