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Episode 15 – May 5th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 7:40 – What did you mean when you said ” your sin will find you out?”
  2. @ 14:41 – First question is on Mark 16:9-19. Why were these verses added to the Scriptures? My second question is what’s going on with taking up serpents and drinking anything deadly?
  3. @ 20:15 – What is the main purpose of free will?
  4. @ 28:36 – Is struggling with depression the same as walking in darkness?
  5. @ 34:47 – As I cannot be without sin, why wouldn’t Matthew 7:1 apply to me vs 1 John 2:4 ? What about forgotten (and therefore unconfessed) sin?
  6. @ 38:41 – Is sacrifice to the god Molech in the Old Testament comparable to modern day abortion?
  7. @ 44:45 – In Matthew 7:21-23 Jesus says “I never knew you” to people who said they cast out demons and did other deeds in the name of Jesus. By whose power did they do that? How are they different than us who claim to know God? Are those people mentioned in Matt 7:21-23 any different than Pentecostal or charismatic church’s?
  8. @ 49:16 – I’m going through the entire Bible cover to cover again (chronologically this time) and I always want to skip through the geneologies and laws, all the “boring” bits. I know they’re included for very good reasons, but can you give some pastorly wisdom or encouragement as to why those shouldn’t be skipped? (Or pastorly permission to just go ahead and skip them?)
  9. @ 57:40 – When we all die and also the Rapture happens what will the Holy Spirit’s function be in Heaven?

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