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April 28th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 3:52 – Explain Revelation 5:8 where it says the prayers are in a bowl in Heaven?
  2. @ 9:48 – I fear for the jewish people. If they are Gods chosen. How or will they get to heaven if they never accept Jesus?
  3. @ 16:38 –  There are so many different versions of the Bible, with so many different books added and subtracted. How does someone know that they are reading the right version?
  4. @ 31:27 – This is a very loaded question. Can you explain how God views gay people? How is it that someone can grow up knowing the scriptures, yet still feel the urge to love and even marry another of the same gender? Today’s society pushes to accept gays and gay marriage. So, what is Cross Connection’s belief on society’s acceptance vs God’s word in the scripture. What are all of the sins?
  5. @ 46:56 – How come we have to choose every moment to walk in the light instead of just once? Why isn’t it instinctual after we choose it once?
  6. @ 51:50 – What was the significance of Jesus writing in the dirt?
  7. @ 54:43 –  Who must I confess my secret sin to?
  8. @ 58:38 – Can the devil influence your dreams?
  9. @ 1:00:33 –  James 5:14-15 talks about having the elders pray for me if I’m sick. Who exactly are the “elders” and what are your thoughts on doing this vs just having my friends or family pray for me?

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