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March 31st Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 4:45 – On Saturday two women from the Jehovah Witness Church knocked on my door! Felt ill-equipped to say anything so I didn’t! What should I do to be prepared next time they come to my door?
  2. @ 14:37 – My question stems from a quote referenced by Pastor Garrett this morning. “How much of our church is American, and how much is Biblical” – David Platt. Recently I read a book titled “Small Is Big!: Unleashing the Big Impact of Intentionally Small Churches” – The book presents the argument that the biblical church was commonly small, and it was commonly led by “ordinary people” instead of the trained religious elite. The book brings up a lot of questions, but I’d love to hear your response to statements in the book like “Most aspects of ministry are better in a small setting” so each can bring a contribution (1 Corinthians 14:26). And another statement, “Simple churches multiply more quickly” – eg. China house church movement. How does a church the size of CCC, with multiple full-time pastors, look like the church of Scripture? And if there are areas where it doesn’t, do we have good reasons? (FYI – I love CCC and am not intending to be harsh with my question – and I promise my next question won’t be so short 🙂 ).
  3. @ 24:39 – What’s the difference between calling and anointing?
  4. @ 30:49 –  How can we encourage others that their presence here in church is important to all the church?
  5. @ 33:30 – How does one go about finding God’s will for their life?
  6. @ 36:13 – Why doesn’t this church offer an altar call?
  7. @ 37:31 – If we truly repent from our sins then Jesus will forgive us and separate our sin from us as far as the east is from the west. How do we reconcile this with on Judgment day we will have to give an account for every word and deed?
  8. @ 41:05 –  God gave the Israelites a whole bunch of rules, including the 10 commandments. I’ve been reading them in Leviticus 19&20. Some are related to sacrifice, others to controlling disease, and others for purity. I understand why we don’t follow sacrificial laws, because Jesus fulfilled these. But why not the others? Jesus said he came not to abolish the law but to fulfill it. (Matthew 5:17)
  9. @ 46:54 – Why are there differences between the NKJV and the NLT versions in the Acts 9 passage we were in on Sunday?
  10. @ 50:33 – Bonus Question! 😉

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