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April 14th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 7:26 – Is it wrong/sinful to desire pleasure, power, happiness, fame, and wealth?
  2. @ 14:55 – How can I experience the joy Jesus offers when my life is in crisis/broken?
  3. @ 20:15 –  Why is Good Friday called Good Friday?
  4. @ 20:55 –  How do we have eternal joy in our daily lives?
  5. @ 23:07 –  Will God bless a new marriage after a failed marriage? How do you deal with the judgement of others for your failures as a husband in the past?
  6. @ 31:19 –  If you asked me if I was going to heaven, I would still say I hope so. I hope I have not come to Jesus for the wrong reasons. I hope I do not just say the right word but not truly believe in my heart. How can we be sure our motives are pure and that we truly put all our trust in Jesus?
  7. @ 35:27 –  What I heard Paster Miles say was as Jesus told Peter on this rock I will build the church. If I am not mistaken Jesus call Peter a stone not a rock and if I am not mistaken Jesus is the rock. But in the context of the message Sunday about the reason the disciples followed Jesus. Peter was being lifted up to greater position than the other disciples by saying on this rock I will build the church
  8. @ 42:25 –  How do you know when the Master “has need of” your donkey?
  9. @ 45:42 –  How do I spiritually determine how to make the right decisions and have right responses?

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