March 10th Sermon Q&A

Last Sunday we studied through 2 Timothy 4:1-6 talking about the importance of preaching the Word. Pastor Mark and I sat down to answer the questions we received from the message.

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 7:28 – What text do you think Timothy used for preaching?
  2. @ 11:39 – What did the first preachers and teachers consider ‘scripture’?
  3. @ 14:08 – Micaiah (in 1 Kings 22) seemed to be sarcastic, is it ok to be sarcastic? 
  4. @ 20:00 – Should a christian listen to the news today?
  5. @ 26:36 – What are some good teachings and commentaries I can go to when I don’t understand something in the Bible?
  6. @ 28:29 – Do I need to study biblical history?
  7. @ 30:19 – Is impatience sin?
  8. @ 34:02 – How do I practically “preach the word” to individuals , timing etc?
  9. @ 39:02 – What does it mean to “walk in the Spirit” and how do I do it?
  10. @ 43:28 – I’ve been a bible believing church attending Christian for 20+ years and still find myself not trusting God. I lived through an inordinate amount of death and tragedy and those circumstances are hard to escape?
  11. @ 50:00 – I was talking to my daughter yesterday. Thru-out the Bible it will state “fear not” or “fear God” why should we fear God if he is our Father our ABBA.

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