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March 3rd Sermon Q&A

Last Sunday we studied through 2 Timothy 3:16 – 4:2 talking about the inspired and useful word of God. Pastor Mark and I sat down to answer the questions we received from the message.

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 3:23 – What is the difference between soul and spirit. And what is Spirituality?
  2. @ 7:47 – Can you explain how God views gay people? How is it that someone can grow up knowing the scriptures, yet still feel the urge to love and even marry another of the same gender? Today’s society pushes to accept gays and gay marriage. So, what is Cross Connection’s belief on society’s acceptance vs God’s word in the scripture.
  3. @ 16:37 – All scripture is inspired and useful – what about the books not included in the Protestant Bible? (ie. Catholic)
  4. @ 20:03 – Are there any other “Holy Scriptures.”
  5. @ 21:30 – Wallbuilders said the Bible that Thomas Jefferson cut up was like a red letter edition. The red letter addition was used by missionaries, to give to the Native Americans. Have you heard this before?
  6. @ 25:52 – How do you know if you are being “called ” to preach the word. Either in a pulpit or to a person.
  7. @ 33:00 – What is discipleship?
  8. @ 35:26 – My spouse is an unbeliever, can I still teach my kids about God?
  9. @ 38:34 – Is scripture useful to unbelievers?
  10. @ 41:07 – What happens to those who die that have never heard the gospel? (Natives)?

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