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Episode 64 – May 17th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 26:35 – Do you think that a future covid19 vaccine could be the mark of the beast and that we’re this close to the rapture?
  2. @ 34:16 – 1,200 Churches in California are planning on holding Sunday, May 31 in their facilities. Are we going to join them?
  3. @ 39:06 – So God created man and without asking them now holds them to a standard after being born in a sinful state, and then tortures him, for all eternity, after man doesn’t live to His standard…?
  4. @ 44:03 – The 3 billionaires have the following hobbies.
    Bill Gates plays chess.
    Warren Buffet plays the ukulele.
    Mark Cuban exercises 6 days a week.

    What do you two do or what hobbies do you have to relax?
  5. @ 49:13 – On Sunday, Pastor Miles said that before God renders judgement, He always offers grace and extends words of peace. Are you saying that this is extended to non-believers. And when and how does this happen?
  6. @ 51:51 – Monday on Channel 18, Pastor Miles mentioned Matthew 12:36: “I tell you that everyone will have to give an account on the day of judgement for every Idle word spoken.” IDLENESS is the quality, state, or condition of being lazy or inactive. The quality of groundless, worthlessness or triviality. Now the teasing, joking around aren’t those “idle words” you guys do and we all do?
  7. @ 56:18 – Point 3 said that God’s judgment will be final and complete. What do you think about purgatory? What about universalism? Do you believe that hell is eternal torment? Or what do you think about annihilationism?
  8. @ 1:01:32 – If Jesus and God are one how can it be that Jesus doesn’t know when He will return?

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