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Episode 61 – April 26th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 23:33 – When will we have services again at Cross Connection? I hear some churches are going back this week. What do you think about that?
  2. @ 29:44 – You talked about Enoch in last week’s weekly email. There’s a Book of Enoch, why isn’t it in the Bible?
  3. @ 32:12 – I’ve been anxious during this time. Is it ok to take medication for anxiety?
  4. @ 37:38 – Does the Holy Spirit convict us as Believers of sin. I am getting both yeses and no’s when I research it.
  5. @ 39:59 – In Acts 16, what does it mean that the Holy Spirit kept Paul and his team from going into Asia Minor and Bithynia? How did the Holy Spirit do that? Our how different they know it was the Holy Spirit?
  6. @ 44:32 – Is it ok to use the “Holy Ghost” instead of saying the “Holy Spirit” I used to hear that term in Pentecostal churches.
  7. @ 49:49 – Could you please explain what The prayer request for Pastor Mark was. He suspects he can’t sleep because it is a “Spiritual Issue”. What does that mean?
  8. @ 56:08 – I’m assuming that based on Deut 1:41-46, it is possible to do the right/godly thing at the wrong time and therefor be out of God’s will. How do I make sure it is the right time?

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