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Episode 60 – April 19th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 15:34 – Monday night on TV Pastor Miles shared about transcendence. He mentioned “near death experiences.” There was a popular book about a boy who said he experienced one which turned out to be not true. Dr. Oz on TV will periodically have on people who say they experienced it. I think they are questionable. What do you think?
  2. @ 22:07 – Are there any Prophets today? On the 2 “Christian ” TV stations. So many of the guest speakers- both men and women say God told them or God spoke to them them about various subjects both current and future events.
  3. @ 30:02 – Deuteronomy 1:35 – Israel won’t be allowed into the promised land due to unbelief and disobedience; 2:15 the older generation has died and they can go in. What did the people think during this time- were they just waiting for the older generation to die and the younger generation to grow up and be strong. For 38 eight years just waiting – a very trying time for Moses knowing he would not enter too.
  4. @ 31:26 – My grandma and so many more Jewish people never heard about Jesus. Where is she in heaven or hell?
  5. @ 38:03 – Question from last week’s point 1 — It seems like we will always be desperate for competent leadership if we are only given two main choices to choose from (rep/dem). How do you vote for “leaders” that are obviously not qualified yet they are your only options?
  6. @ 47:07 – The corona virus has been called the Beast. Is this what the book of Revelation was talking about? I thought the beast was a super computer. What is your opinion?
  7. @ 52:02 – I know you have taught 1 John. My question is on 5:16. The sin leading to death is the unpardonable sin, right? Should we not pray for those who don’t believe Jesus?
  8. @ 55:30 – For the Rapture, I have heard we should be looking to the sky. Does that mean literally watching the sky for Jesus? Or be living your life in readiness being about the Father’s business?

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