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Episode 58 – March 29th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 28:43 – If we can be confident that God is doing a good work through our prayers, and a lot of people are praying, why isn’t this virus going away?
  2. @ 38:17 – What is the best way to deal with your frustrations when you are told you have to stay at home and can’t go to work?
  3. @ 42:53 – What are “the fruits of righteousness?” (Philippians 1:11)
  4. @ 45:32 – If you partake of communion at home, do you have to have the proper elements? (with special guest, Pastor David Guzik)
  5. @ 48:43 – Is this virus a plague from god to judge the world?
  6. @ 55:00 – If you were to envision yourself with Jesus, where would you see yourself?

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