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Episode 32 – September 15th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 13:26 – What did Jesus mean when speaking about parables in Mark 4:11-12? Did He not want the masses to understand his words?
  2. @ 19:22 – In regards to the unpardonable sin (Mark 3:28-29), what constitutes unforgivable blasphemy and just ‘regular’ blasphemy? What would that look like? Could an unclean spirit be redeemed and born again?
  3. @ 23:03 – What does the Bible say about suicide? Are people who take their own life able to get into heaven? (Thinking about Jarrid Wilson of Harvest Church)
  4. @ 29:05 – Where can I get a Cross Connection bumper/window sticker?
  5. @ 32:25 – In Revelation 17, what do you think Mystery Babylon is? On Sunday you mentioned that the ‘fastest growing religious group are the ‘Nones’ ‘, and your explanation of De-Conversion got me to thinking about Mystery Babylon and our current culture and wondering if there is a correlation between this belief system and the De-Conversion issue and the ‘religion’ of the ‘Nones’?
  6. @ 36:18 – What happens to people around the world with no access to the gospel?
  7. @ 42:43 – What is this church’s strategy to fight de-conversion in the community?
  8. @ 44:50 – What is the difference between backslide and de-conversion?
  9. @ 47:58 – When unsaved friends and family members make it clear that they do not want to hear about Christ, are uncomfortable when we say grace or pray in their presence, have no interest in attending Church, etc., does a Christian continue asking and inviting? Or avoid these subjects so as not to violate boundaries? Or?

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