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Episode 17 – May 19th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 20:20 – What if we don’t hate people but we are indifferent? How do we draw closer to loving other?
  2. @ 27:41 – How do we draw close to Jesus when we realize we have backslid? I know I need to draw near but I have a hard time reading the Bible and even praying right now. Any suggestions to restore my relationship?
  3. @ 31:53 –  When Jesus says, “love your enemies ” how do you justify or explain for a Christian going to war for his/her country and kill their enemies?
  4. @ 36:11 –  I’m reading the Bible daily, and am up to Chronicles. I understand it the genealogy from the beginning, but what am I learning (or supposed to be getting from the text)? Why was it believed to be important for inclusion in the Bible?
  5. @ 42:01 – The Bible seems to have confusing messages regarding death and judgment. From scripture, it appears that Jesus will judge us at the moment of our death; However, at His second coming, “He will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead”. Who are the dead that will be judged at the Second Coming, if people are being judged at the time of death?
  6. @ 47:54 – How do you make a big decision, like choosing to take a job offer, or move?
  7. @ 56:06 –  How do you become more assertive, but also not be pushy, rude, or obnoxious?

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