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February 10th Sermon Q&A

Last Sunday we studied through 2 Timothy 2:20-26 considering the topic of vessels of honor and dishonor. Pastor Mark and I sat down to answer the questions we received from the message.

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 13:00 – Do you believe that all non-believers in the church are here with dishonorable intentions?
  2. @ 15:40 – Do all vessels of honor start out as vessels of dishonor?
  3. @ 18:35 – You mentioned that the culture Timothy lived in was an honor and shame culture which placed higher value on older adults and that our current culture values youth. What are the consequences of valuing youth? Would our culture do better if we valued older people more?
  4. @ 23:45 – How do we conduct ourselves as vessels of honor in our day to day life?
  5. @ 30:15 – How do we resist youthful lusts?
  6. @ 36:50 – How would you counsel someone who is addicted to youthful lusts, what are some practical steps they could take to become pure?
  7. @ 40:10 – What are the consequences of pursuing youthful lusts? Are there negative consequences of righteousness/purity?

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