Episode 47 – January 12th Sermon Q&A

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Questions & Timestamps:

  1. @ 21:57 – Is Christianity a religion? Or a relationship with our creator?
  2. @ 25:05 – What other evidence for transcendence is there, in addition to the five evidences for transcendence you shared on Sunday?
  3. @ 31:29 – Is our personal experience valid as evidence for transcendence, or is that to subjective?
  4. @ 38:11 – Do you think Near Death Experiences are real?
  5. @ 41:24 – My Granddaughter said the Bible tells me to love my enemies and Satan is my enemy. What am I supposed to do?
  6. @ 43:33 – Is transcendence connected to transcendental meditation? And, is it bad to meditate, to experience a transcendent experience?
  7. @ 51:36 – Have you had any other transcendent experiences, besides the one you shared on Sunday?
  8. @ 1:10:13 – Have you personally experienced a miracle?

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