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January 27th Sermon Q&A

Last Sunday Pastor Mark taught for me while I was out of town at a conference. You can check the message out here. During the message we had a few questions texted in, so Pastor Mark and I sat down to answer them this afternoon. I hope it is an encouragement to you.

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Questions & Timestamp:

  1. At 3:32 – Pastor Mark, You said “God gave him a new name “Paul” at the 09:30 service. Is there a biblical reference for this?
  2. At 8:08 – Haven’t there been lots of people who have died for lies? Either from insanity or religious fervor? Jihadists, heaven’s gate people, etc. How is the martyrdom of the disciples different from an outsider’s perspective?
  3. At 18:05 – God can not be around sin and imperfections. How did Lucifer appear in the meeting with God in Job?

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