My hope as we move into 2019 is to do a little bit more to answer some of the questions that those in the church have, as we study through the Scriptures together. Certainly I answer questions one-to-one when asked, but when things are a little busy after a service on Sunday, it is sometimes difficult for people to get to me with their question. That being the case, we’ve been receiving questions texted in on Sundays, and this is attempt #1 at providing answers via podcast. I hope this helps. If so, comment below, I’d love your feedback.

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Questions & Timestamp:

  1. At 4:42 – How do we know the serpent in the garden was Satan?
  2. At 6:41 – In Genesis where it says you will bruise His heel, how is that interpreted in the original language?
  3. At 8:28 – Seems like there needs to be a distinction between being willing to lose your life ( someone taking your life) vs someone dying for what they believe by taking other lives as well as their own.. they are willing to die for what they believe in?
  4. At 12:43 – What are the practical steps to making Jesus my purpose?
  5. At 15:26 – How is praying for someone going to bring them to a relationship w Jesus? How does prayer work. Is it the amount, intensity, favoritism what?
  6. At 19:17 – I desire a more meaningful life, how do I know what God has called me to do?
  7. At 23:39 – How do I get to the place where I am willing to give my life for Christ?
  8. At 24:17 – How do I experience the presence of God?
  9. At 26:04 – If Jesus is going to judge and hold people personally responsible for their sin, how do we talk about this in a culture that struggles with individual responsibility?

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